Fans Around the Globe

My blog has been viewed more than 1.5 million times by people in over 160 countries (all the ones in shades of blue). My blog has been viewed more than 1.5 million times by people in 162 countries (the ones in shades of blue). Data and image courtesy of Google Analytics.

I love to hear from readers of my blog, News To Live By. The messages come from people around the world who understand the importance of strong communication skills. There’s no greater joy for me than to help other people move ahead in their careers.

As I always say, “Write well, open doors!”

“There are plenty of career blogs out there, but yours is different. Your articles are 100% insightful, truly for inexperienced people…Thanks to your blog, I have been helping a lot of fellow friends to improve their CV.”

– Anh-Minh in Vietnam

“Thanks again for all the mentoring. You’ve been a big help in learning how to ace job hunting 101.”

– Shirley in Australia

“I like your…suggestions on how to make the article more interesting by offering more details of the story that the reader could picture and memorize.”

– Stacy in China

“I have been reading your blog for the past year after stumbling upon it. I love your content and your encouragements to be a better person.”

– Cuthbert in Singapore

“I’m obsessed with your website and your articles have already helped alter my perspective and give me new ideas with my job search.”

– Christina in the US

“I was going through your blog and reading your articles on landing a job and wow… the quality and usefulness of your articles is just genius! It makes so much sense and is extremely practical.”

– Saba in Canada

“I was absolutely miserable at my job doing something that I had no interest in and working for a company that really had no care for their employees. Running into Danny Rubin’s website was a major breakthrough for myself and my career.”

– Jasmine in the US

“You deliver so much value through your email. I am really glad I subscribed to your newsletter.”

– Lehel in Romania

“I find your information very helpful, inspirational & so easy to understand & envision.”

– Tara in the US

“I stumbled upon your blog and have read 2 of your articles+comments and my first impression was, ‘Wow he is so positive!’ I can feel that energy from you just from reading your words.”

– Nursyafiqah in Malaysia

“As a 60 year old subscriber, I am thoroughly impressed with your common-sense approach to the everyday challenges of career enhancement, communication, networking, & survival in today’s tough business world.”

– Doug in the US

“As I am a working professional of just 22 years old, your website really stood out to me.”

– Rasheed in India

“I use your [blog posts] daily when working with our students but even more so for my own career.”

– Sara who works in career services at a US university