Corporate Communications

In front of the crowd2

“Last week, I had a team member edit something for me, and he used the techniques we learned in Danny’s workshop. To me, that’s success!”— Southwest Airlines communications team member

Corporations like Southwest Airlines and national organizations like the Public Relations Society of America have relied on my workshops to teach employees stronger communication skills.

In each workshop, people learn by doing. Everyone stays engaged because they actively participate and gain skills they can apply at their jobs right away.

Below are several workshop topics. I can also customize a workshop for your team. Email me with any questions.

  • Memorable LinkedIn profiles
    • I show everyone how to improve their professional headline, profile summary and “Experience” section. By the end of the session, each person has a refreshed LinkedIn profile and the confidence to share it far and wide.
    • We then discuss outreach strategies and how to use LinkedIn to form new relationships.
  • Interoffice communication
    • Great for teams that need to reduce the word count and send more focused messages!
    • We explore the best ways to construct emails and share information with co-workers. We also learn simple ways to edit ourselves and make our messages clearer.
    • As well, we learn the power of “name dropping” to capture someone’s attention.
  • Writing for sales professionals
    • We cover smart strategies for:
      • “Cold-call” emails
      • Weaving storytelling into your sales pitch
      • Editing yourself to “cut the fluff” and help the reader understand your main point
  • Client outreach
    • We learn smart ways to write emails for:
      • relationship building
      • offering new products/services
      • keeping clients in the loop about ongoing projects
      • thank-you situations
    • We also discuss handwritten messages and how to send ones that leave a lasting impression.
  • Writing for fundraising
    • We explore emails to make a fundraising appeal and how to “tug on the heartstrings” to encourage a donation or pledge.
    • We also learn to incorporate storytelling into grant applications — an excellent way to make an emotional connection with the reader and prove your team is worth the funding.
  • Communication skills for millennial employees
    • As a millennial myself, I “speak the language” and show my peers how to:
      • Write with brevity and respect the reader’s time
      • Introduce themselves on the phone and maintain the conversation with poise and confidence
      • Hold in-person networking conversations like a seasoned veteran
      • Speak before a crowd and keep everyone’s attention
    • You can then feel confident when your millennial employees engage in client phone calls and talk about your company at networking events/conferences.

See Me in Action

Watch a portion of my speech at the 2015 Plank Awards “Milestones in Mentoring” dinner at the Union League Club in Chicago.

The Plank Center for Leadership in Public Relations honored me as the national young professional of the year because of my commitment to teach communication skills like writing and networking.