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How to Write Employee Motivational Emails

If you like to send motivational emails to your team, you must have a strategic plan for every piece of content you include.

Do employees feel compelled to read the email because their boss sent it? Yes.

Can the email still be packed with knowledge and value every time? Absolutely.

The best employee motivational emails contain two main concepts:

  • Inspiration
  • Practical instruction

That way, when employees close the email they feel empowered and also receive actionable advice they can apply on the job.

Inspiration ideas:

  • Quotes on leadership, motivation, hustle, etc…
  • An example of how employees demonstrated leadership, motivation, etc..
    • Be sure to explain exactly how the person/people stood out. It’s not enough to say “Big thanks to John and Stacy on the Acme proposal.” Share the action items John and Stacy took to finish out the proposal.
  • Your own observations about leadership, motivation etc…that you want to pass along.

Practical instruction ideas:

  • Links to how-to and other “life hack” blog posts articles that will help your employees on the job.
  • Information on company policies or other tips and tricks for navigating the organization.
  • Tips for goal setting, project management, client relations or other topics relevant to the work you do.

Above all, be mindful of the reader’s time. Give a little inspiration, a little practical advice and then wrap it up.

Less is more with motivational emails. But if your content is on-point every time, employees will enjoy the messages and  view you as a leader beyond your job title.

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