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Stuck on a Project? The Solution Lies in the Work Itself

No need to fret! The answer you seek is in the work itself. No need to fret! The answer you seek is in the work itself.

So often, I run into challenges with blogging/digital marketing and I ask myself, “How am I supposed to do THAT?” From the outside looking in, the task is daunting and seems impossible.

For example, this past week I struggled to determine the right content for the online course I’m building on how to write job applications like a pro. I looked at the problem from the outside and thought, “I don’t know how to move forward.”

Then, I started messing with the first lesson and I realized: the solution lies in the work itself. Once I started — rather than stand around and think — the answer emerged.

Of course the problem looks complicated and impassable as a passive observer. But it’s the same reason why people often say, “The most important step is the first one.” Totally true. Not only will you begin to solve the issue but you’ll also feel more confident once the work is underway.

You can pace around nervously thinking about how you can’t do the task. Or you can roll up your sleeves, start messing around and find you can do whatever you set your mind to.

Stuck on a project? Don’t fret. Just get going!

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