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How to Write Eye-Catching Networking Email Subject Lines

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The strongest subject lines for networking situations contain specific keywords. I put the keywords in two buckets:

1. People
2. Places

For “People,” here’s what I mean. If you share a common friend/colleague, use the common person’s name in the subject line. The email recipient will see the name right away and trust your message.

Boring: Hoping to connect about new projects
Eye-catching: Hoping to connect about new projects, friend of Sara Keene

With “Places,” you have another opportunity to use specific language to stand out. If you met someone at a career fair, for instance, and want to follow up, remind the person your name and where you spoke.

Boring: Follow up
Eye-catching: Follow up, Darren Clark from Acme Career Fair

People and places can make the difference between an email that’s ignored or read. Simple as that.

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Featured photo: Garfield Anderssen (Flickr)


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