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How to Write an Impressive LinkedIn Company Page Description

Attention, business travelers! Never carry or roll your luggage again.

Small Business Trends reported last week on a new motorized suitcase with sensors so it can follow you around the airport.

You need to see the video:

The company, Cowarobot, will likely capture a lot of interest from the international business community. That means people may turn to LinkedIn — the professional social network — to learn more. So for any business on LinkedIn, it’s critical to have a polished company description awaiting those who seek you out.

Like a personal LinkedIn profile summary, LinkedIn allows us to write a description for our businesses on a company page.

And like the profile summary, I believe the company summary should flow the same way. Let’s return to the three-step method I explain in this blog post.

Step 1: Who are you, really? — “nuts and bolts” description of your company and the work it does

Step 2: What do you do? — deeper explanation on your products/services

Step 3: Bring ‘em home — why your business matters and the impact your team makes on the world

As an example, here’s the company page description for a fictitious business known as Acme Wealth Management.

Step 1: Who are you, really?

Acme Wealth Management is a team of experienced financial advisers that has helped clients in the Portland area since 1973.

NOTE: In one clear line, this is who “we” are and what we do.

Step 2: What do you do?

At Acme, we put your needs first and build an investment plan that’s designed to evolve as your life changes. We specialize in retirement planning and strategies for significant life events like the loss of a loved one, divorce or inheritance. We follow the latest industry rules and regulations to ensure we provide sound judgment to every client. And we have been named among “Portland’s Best Wealth Managers” by Acme Newspaper for the past five years.

NOTE: Deeper explanation with details like specialties (ex: retirement planning, divorce) and honors (ex: ”Portland’s Best Wealth Managers”).

Step 3: Bring ‘em home

We believe every client has a unique opportunity to build wealth that will last a lifetime. Contact our office today to start the conversation.

NOTE: Closing line that sums up why you’re passionate about the work and enjoy helping others.


Questions about the LinkedIn template? Better yet, would you use a motorized suitcase that follows you around?

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