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DePaul University Incorporates Danny’s Book into Senior Capstone Course

In a video, instructor Jill Stewart of DePaul University speaks to students from her capstone course on PR/advertising. Stewart now uses chapter 1 from my book, Wait, How Do I Write This Email?, as part of the curriculum for the online class.

One month after it debuted, I’m excited to announce Wait, How Do I Write This Email?, my book of email and writing guides, has made its way into the college classroom.

In a course at DePaul University in Chicago called PRAD 396 Senior Capstone Seminar, instructor Jill Stewart has required every student to read chapter 1 (“How to Write Everything Better”) to understand the fundamentals of clear, concise writing.

PRAD 396 (Public Relations ADvertising), an online course, teaches students the challenges of public relations and advertising through targeted writing exercises, critical reflection on readings and video presentations and participation in discussion boards.

Stewart believes Wait, How Do I Write This Email?, a collection of 100+ templates for networking, the job search and LinkedIn, is the perfect complement to the PR and advertising lessons in the course. With the book, students learn how to write polished emails/documents, which can improve the job search and how they perform in the workplace.

“I believe the time invested in reading the first chapter of Danny’s book will make anyone a better writer, and in my case, a better teacher of writing,” said Stewart.

Stewart also encourages DePaul students to buy the book before graduation. Beyond the editing skills in chapter 1, it offers templates for writing scenarios like informational interviews, contacting alumni and creating a strong LinkedIn profile. *Download sample chapters in the right-side column of this page.*

“Good writing skills can be the ticket to an internship, a job or a promotion,” said Stewart. “I now make the book required reading for all my capstone classes.”

Thank you to Jill Stewart and DePaul University for being an “early adopter” of the book. I appreciate the support!


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