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Bryant & Stratton College Buys Danny’s Book for Undergrad Course

On November 23, I had the opportunity to bring my new book, Wait, How Do I Write This Email?, to the classroom for the first time.

Thanks to Bryant & Stratton College and Director of Career Services Ronda Toll for inviting me to discuss email scenarios from the book. The school purchased the book for every student in the senior Capstone class.

We talked about:

– How to apply for a job even if the company has no openings at the time (p. 114)
– How to ask for an informational interview as a recent grad (p. 143)
– 4 questions everyone should ask in a job interview (p. 221)

To see sample chapters and the entire table of contents, provide your email address over on the right-side column of the blog page. I will send everything to you for free.

As I wrote the book, I envisioned it as a teaching tool in the classroom. So tonight was a cool moment — and hopefully there are more like it to come!

Photos from the night:

email templates writing guides
The book…ready for action.


email templates writing guides
Talking with students at Bryant & Stratton College about the job search, networking and LinkedIn — the central themes of my book, “Wait, How Do I Write This Email?”


email templates writing guides
Learning a thing or two (I hope!)


email templates writing guides
Teaching from the book for the first time in a classroom setting.


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