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How Long to Wait Before a Follow-Up Email

Usually, Apple CEO Tim Cook would be insulted if people looked at a watch while he talks.

On September 9, he wanted nothing more.

At long last, the tech giant announced plans for The Apple Watch as well as the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

What will the much-hyped watch do? Brett Molina of USA TODAY lists several features:

– monitor all activity and movement with a fitness app

– double as a hotel room key

– send tweets

– give vibrating feedback on when to make turns with walking directions

– Siri will be on your wrist too

I know. You want an Apple Watch on your arm ASAP. While you wait (impatiently), let’s discuss minutes and seconds a bit more. How many times have you sent an email and waited seemingly forever for a response?

All the time, right? Like every single day. You’re antsy, want an answer and are tempted to send the “Did you see my email?” follow up right away.

Not so fast, my friend. I created a chart to break down the waiting period before a follow-up email for various career situations. Hope you find it useful!


What’s your strategy on follow-up emails?

Share below! 

Featured photo: Forgemind (Flickr)


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